Oracle 12c is GA now and can be downloaded from OTN

Oracle has announced this week,  the July 4th week, that Oracle 12c is GA now. Many of users were asking in emails about the release date of Oracle 12c. Oracle 12c can now be downloaded from Oracle Technology Network(OTN). Oracle 12c makes it easy to deploy and manage multitenant databases in a cloud environment as we have covered extensively on the plug and play features of Oracle 12c.  Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, announced during Oracle Open World  last year about the cloud ready Oracle 12c.


Oracle 12c offers over 500 new features and most important features are:

  • Database Consolidation – a new multitenant architecture of plug and play
  • Oracle Database Appliance – a engineered system for Oracle database 12c
  • Data Warehousing improvements – advanced analytics and big data support
  • High Availability improvements – offers more features to reduce downtime using Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture
  • Storage Management – More automation, minimizing IO operations and compressing data / tiered storage


You can download the software from Oracle OTN.




Download Oracle Database 12c New Features: Pluggable Databases by Michael Rajendran – PDF

Oracle Database 12c New Features: Pluggable Databases

Oracle Database 12c New Features: Non-Stop Application or Application Continuity

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